OneCard API

OneCard API serves two types of customers:

  • Third party resellers who want to resell recharge and earn commission, using their own online platform or network of agents
  • Individuals and businesses that want an affordable way to collect revenue earned from multiple sources


Select the option below that best applies to you:

Independent resellers who already have or want to launch a live e-commerce website, or who control a network of agents who sell recharge, can integrate their platforms to OneCard’s API.

Why OneCard?

We give you everything you need to run smooth recharge-vending operations, which means you

a)    save money on integration and

b)    reduce time to market.

Also, you will enjoy full discounts available from all your service providers while using our platform.

Starting a business can be expensive, but it shouldn’t break your bank.  Small business owners, tech entrepreneurs, content distributors and other individuals get huge benefits from using OneCard’s cost-friendly revenue collection API.

With OneCard’s API, you can collect the income you earn from doing business or from fundraising, and it’s much cheaper than the competition.

Your customers will only need to find one of our agents to recharge or subscribe to your service. Once you are integrated to our API, customers will then select your SPID when using One1Card to transfer funds to you, the same way they would recharge their phones!


How to apply

Applying for a OneCard API is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Send us an email, letting us know what service you want to collect revenue for.
  2. We will provide you with an OneCard API.
  3. Once you’re integrated, we will assign your SPID, and you can start collecting funds right away!

It’s that simple!  Contact us today and start enjoying huge savings on revenue collection.