Open call for registration of partners



OneCard Nigeria offers unique, secure and convenient top up options for prepaid accounts in all industries, for individual, corporate and retail customers.

OneCard Nigeria intends to set up 600,000 points for the retail management system Direct TopUp over the next 36 months and requires the services of various partners in execution.

Registration is mandatory for ALL organizations seeking to do business with OneCard Nigeria such as suppliers, contractors, vendors, consultants, branding agencies, service providers etc. Interested parties throughout Nigeria are welcome to register.

Only approved registered entities will be incorporated into the company’s database. A unique ID number and a certificate of registration will be issued to all approved partners in order to do business with OneCard Nigeria.

All organizations interested in working with the company are advised to apply for registration via the OneCard Nigeria website at

Each organization that would like to partner with OneCard Nigeria will have to pay a document verification fee of ₦10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira), an SMS notification deposit of ₦1,000 (One Thousand Naira) and a category fee of ₦10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) per service class.

Organisations will only be allowed to choose one (1) category but with the option of registering for a maximum of 3 different classes of services for the category chosen.

Potential partners should be guided by the registration categories and classification requirements below:


   Category   Contract Value Range
   Category A   0 – ₦250,000
   Category B   ₦250,001         –    ₦1,000,000
   Category C   ₦1,000,001      –    ₦5,000,000
   Category D   ₦5,000,001      –    ₦50,000,000
   Category E   ₦50,000,001    –    ₦100,000,000
   Category F   ₦100,000,001  –    ₦250,000,000
   Category G   ₦250,000,001  –    ₦500,000,000
   Category H   Above                  ₦500,000,000


A) Services

  1. Advertising Agencies
  2. Automobile Leasing
  3. Branding & Merchandising Services
  4. Community Relations Services
  5. Computer Sales and Maintenance
  6. Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items
  7. Courier Services
  8. Entertainment Services
  9. Estate Management Services
  10. Event Management Services
  11. Hospitality, Travels & Tours Services
  12. International Logistics Providers
  13. Local Logistics Services
  14. Marketing Research and Consulting Services
  15. Printing Services
  16. Public Relations Consultancy Services
  17. Sales Activation Service Providers
  18. Specialized Training Providers
  19. Sponsorship Management Services
  20. Training Venue Providers
  21. Warehousing Services
  22. Other Services (Please specify)

B) Supplies

  1. Branding Materials Supplies
  2. Mobile Phones Supplies
  3. Office Equipment & Consumable Supplies
  4. Petroleum Products Supplies
  5. Point of Sales Materials Supplies
  6. Stationeries Suppliers
  7. Training Equipment Supplies
  8. Other Items (Please specify)

All partners will be required to submit the following documents with their application

S/No    Document Name
    1    Incorporation Certificate
    2    Directors List – Form CAC 7
    3    Shareholders List – Form CAC 2
    4    Evidence of previous jobs done
    5    Corporate profile
    6    Current Tax Clearance
    7     VAT Certificate
    8    Evidence of office physical location

All applications MUST be submitted online via at All applications will be verified.

For further enquiries or assistance please email

Contact:  The Procurement Manager, OneCard TopUp Services Limited, 56, Olorunlogbon street Anthony village Lagos.

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