Key distributors needed at OneCard Nigeria


We are a FMCG company that provides top up services on multiple platforms for mobile phones, utilities, toll fees, cable TV subscriptions and fuel vouchers to customers and retailers nationwide.

Everyday, service that we provide are purchased several times all over the country with current monthly consumption of over N125billion per month which is expected to grow to N250billion monthly over the next 5 years.

The size and scale of our operations require entrepreneurs who will be our business partners in various territories. As part of our ambitious growth in Nigeria, we are seeking key distributors who would be part of our big vision.

Key Distributors Information Docket

Basic Requirements:Indications
1Financial strength (own funds) (Please state YES/NO)
2Financial provisions for this purpose (Amount)
3Enthusiasm for business development  (Please state YES/NO)
4Enthusiasm for personal development  (Please state YES/NO)
5Good knowledge of the consumer goods market   (Please state YES/NO)
6Possess a high sense of integrity  (Please state YES /NO)
7Currently in FMCG/Telecoms business or new entrant (Please state YES /NO)
8Ability to communicate in English, Local language and pidgin English is desirable (Please state YES/NO)
9Growth mindset, flexible and adaptable change (Please state YES/NO)
10Preferred location/territory (Please indicate city, ward, etc)
11Office Infrastructure and retail outlets (Please indicate location)
12Personnel: Salesmen, distributor Manager, etc (Please state YES/NO)
13Indicate number of staff
14Limited distributors required per State/FCT


How to Apply: 

To express your interest, please provide answers to the above questions in your letter of application along with your

company profile, copies of Incorporation Certificate, form CO2/CO7 and forward


The Chief Commercial Officer, OneCard TopUp Services Limited, 56, Olorunlogbon street Anthony village Lagos.

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