Herald The Launch Of N20 & N50 Recharge Cards From OneCard

My Experience

So this is about the new N20 and N50 recharge cards, my discovery last week, while taking a walk through my neighbourhood. Strolls every Saturday morning, turns out to be a delight for me these days as humour lies in every street corner, there never seems to be a dull moment on the Lagos streets.

Back to my discovery; the N20 and N50 recharge cards. Having walked through 3 streets, I decided to stop at a shop to have some water; As I gulped down the water I had just bought, a young lady came to make a purchase at the store. Well, I was not in a hurry to leave and so I stood by the corner waiting for my change while the store owner; a woman, attended to the lady. The lady handed her a N20 bill and requested for recharge card. Looking at the duo, I waited for another bill to follow, to at the least, make up a N100 which of cause is what I felt is the lowest recharge card denomination, nothing followed and the woman went into the shop without saying a word.

Well if you’ve had an experience like I have, in the Lagos market where you offered to pay an amount way below cost price while bargaining for fish from Iya Eleja, then you’ll be able to tell what exactly was going on in my mind. I feared for the lady and the episode that might ensue especially since the woman went into the shop silently. My travelling mind was jolted to a halt when she came back and handed the lady a N20 recharge card. My face was flushed with surprise which I guess the shop owner noticed. Saving me from my dilemma, she explained that the card she sold to the lady, who by now had left is called One1Card, a multi-purpose recharge card with unique ability to recharge several services.

She explained that the single card recharges all mobile networks; Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN. As though on mission to save a “Mr doubting Thomas”, the woman went into her shop and came back with 2 cards, a N20 and N50 recharge card with One1Card written on it.

This was a pleasant discovery for me; N20 and N50 recharge cards that could recharge all mobile networks? Who says Nigerians are not innovative? With my 11k per second tariff plan, this meant I could access 3 minutes call with this small recharge pack when the occasion warrants. Well sharing is caring, now I have shared my discovery with you. Ask your recharge card vendor for small recharge of N20 and N50 whenever you need them, it’s available across the country. It’s the orange and blue recharge card with One1Card written on it. If you are a business looking for a micro collection solution or an easy way to collect money for the service you provide, then this multi-purpose recharge will also meet your need. Visit www.onecardnigeria.com to get more than I have shared here.

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