Forgot to top up? We already took care of it.


OneCard Eliteplus for professionals and businesses has Auto TopUp, the top-up tool that schedules your top-ups indefinitely, so you never have to remember when the next one is due.

You can top up one account, or you can top up several, across various services, for as long as you like.

Schedule weekly or monthly top ups with Auto TopUp, or prompt Auto TopUp to top you up when your account balance is low.

It’s easy, it’s efficient and it’s all here on OneCard Eliteplus!

Why use OneCard Eliteplus?

  • Tops up all company utilities – mobile phone, electricity, cable TV, and more – in just one transaction
  • Tops up multiple accounts in one go
  • Tops up automatically, on a schedule or when credit is low
  • Tracks and records payments over time
  • Manages numerous branches under one account
  • Keeps your services running, so you can stay focused on the important things

How to sign up

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