About OneCard Nigeria

OneCard Nigeria is a technology-based fast-moving consumer goods company that gives individuals and businesses of all sizes convenient, secure ways to recharge mobile phones, toll passes, pay TV, internet and electricity,nationwide.

OneCard offers unique, secure top-up solutions for individual, corporate and retail customers via online channels, as well as retail channels using our handheld Direct TopUp device and the innovative One1Card, the one card that recharges multiple services.

  • Mobile: Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo, MTN
  • Pay TV:  Startimes, DSTV, GOTV
  • Toll: Lekki Concession Company (LCC) toll
  • Electricity:  Eko Electricity, IBEDC, IKEDC. EEDC, BEDC, PHEDC
  • Bank: Cit, Access, Ecobank, FCMB, Fidelity, First Bank, GTBank, Heritage Bank, Jaiz Bank, Keystone Bank, Skye Bank, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Standard Chartered, Sterling bank, UBA, Union Bank, Unity Bank, Wema Bank, Zenith bank
  • Internet: Smile, Spectranet, Swift
  • Micro collection: GEEP TraderMoni, GEEP MarketMoni

More services coming soon.

OneCard channels are available online and through our trade partners nationwide. You can call 01 520 0979 or visit www.onecardnigeria.com and complete the contact form to reach a OneCard representative.

Online services are designed for end users who have access to the internet and want to top up their various accounts. Services offered through trade partners are more ideal for anyone who does not have access or time to use the Internet.

We have two online channels for individuals and businesses. MyTopUp Nigeria can be used by anyone with a debit or credit card to recharge up to ten accounts in one single transaction. MyTopUp Business serves small and large businesses, and offers auto top-up and bulk top-up features.

Trade partners are appointed for our retail products: Direct TopUp and One1Card, the one card that recharges multiple services.

Anyone can become a OneCard trade partner. Fill out the form on the become an agent page of the website and a OneCard representative will call you. You may also contact our customer care on 08039012001

Trade partners are able to offer all OneCard services/products they are approved for, based on their application and payment.

About Direct TopUp

Direct TopUp (DTU) app is a retail channel from where most of our services can be carried out.

The following products are currently available:

  • Mobile: Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo, MTN
  • Pay TV:  Startimes, DSTV, GOTV
  • Toll: Lekki Concession Company (LCC) toll
  • Electricity:  Eko Electricity, IBEDC, IKEDC. EEDC, BEDC, PHEDC
  • Internet: Smile, Spectranet, Swift
  • Micro collection: GEEP TraderMoni, GEEP MarketMoni

More services coming soon.

Fill the form on our page here and download the app, your account will be activated. You can also call the OneCard customer care line 08039012001

Direct TopUp service agents are located in high traffic areas like hotels, hospitals, airports, restaurants, office complexes, motor parks, etc. To find a retailer near you click here

The Direct TopUp app can be used to recharge accounts from N50 and N50,000, pay TV, electricity, internet, etc. Retailers earn a commission for all sales of any of the products available on the Direct TopUp service. Commissions earned vary.

No, you don’t. Direct TopUp increases your income through the commission for each sale and this comes directly to your Direct TopUp account as you carry out each transaction; the more sales you make, the more profit you gain.

The Direct TopUp app is simple and very user friendly. However, OneCard Nigeria organizes periodical training nationwide for potential partners. Approved trade partners also provide training for potential Direct TopUp point owners

Yes, a manual to guide you on basic use of the Direct TopUp app is available on our website or request a copy from your dealer or any Direct TopUp agent near to you.

After the first time setup of the account number, check your Direct TopUp wallet balance to confirm that you have set up the correct account and using the right MPIN. If you get a successful response from the balance request then you have the correct account number and MPIN.

No, your Direct TopUp account is not linked to any SIM card. This is why you can trade with any SIM of your choice just like you can collect money with your debit card from any ATM machine of any bank.

A simple menu option on the Direct TopUp app allows you to change your MPIN at any time. To be able to change the MPIN, you must supply the previous MPIN you are using and the new one you intend to use.

Direct TopUp account is activated with a default MPIN for all Direct TopUp accounts. This is 2345. You are advised to change this immediately.

Direct TopUp works with GPRS network, and every location that has GSM coverage also has GPRS.

Yes you can make transactions without a credit balance with the data SIM card provided to you by OneCard. However, to use any other mobile network operators, you need to have internet data to be able to make transactions.

When you enter the wrong MPIN 5 consecutive times, your Direct TopUp account will be blocked to protect your account from theft or fraud.

Call the OneCard Nigeria Care Center on 0803 901 2001 and you will be asked to provide some vital information which you must have supplied during account activation and other information that will prove the ownership of the account, the information you supplied will be verified and within 12 hours, the account will be unblocked and the MPIN reset. You will be adequately informed of the new MPIN.

Yes there are other trade partner categories. Please call 0803 901 2001 and a OneCard representative will describe your options.

Delivery of the confirmation message depends on variables that are linked together. if there is a slight delay at any point in the line of transmission, the message might be delayed considerably.

The Direct TopUp app is designed to prevent you from recharging the wrong account. Users are strongly advised to follow all the steps carefully to totally reduce or eliminate recharges to the wrong account.

If you or your business can meet the basic requirement, there is no limit to your growth in the business.

If such happens, call the Care Center on 0803 901 2001 and supply your vital information. Your account will be blocked until you acquire a new device to continue the trade. Your MPIN will also be reset for you to restart business.

After a successful transaction, you will receive a confirmation message telling you the transaction was successful. If a customer insists they have not received the credit, you may call our customer care line at 0803 901 2001 for your transaction details and confirmation.

Yes you can. Anyone on a service provider operating in Nigeria can be topped up even if they travel out of the country.

Error MessagePossible CausesSolution
No Response. Please Try AgainNo call credit on the SIM card being used for the transactionRecharge the phone and ensure you maintain a minimum balance of ₦50 before starting any transaction.
No network coverageMake sure there is network coverage on the available SIM on the phone or lock the SIM that does not have network coverage and use a second SIM.
Technical Failure, Please Try again laterInsufficient funds in your accountEnsure you have enough credit balance in your Direct TopUp account before starting the transaction.
Invalid Prefix………….The phone number you entered is not correct for the network the subscriber is usingGet the correct number and choose the right network.
Invalid PinAn incorrect account M-pin access code was enteredEnsure you enter the correct M-pin in the next transaction. If an incorrect M-pin is entered 5 times, your account will be barred and can only be restored by the Direct TopUp customer care centre.
Destination Number InvalidThe phone number entered does not match a valid phone number formatCheck the number and try again
Destination Number and Confirm Destination Number must be the sameThe two numbers entered did not match each otherCheck the number and make sure that the first one and the confirmation are the same
Subscriber Not Found The number is not yet active on the activation template.Confirm if the number is active.
 The device has been configured with a wrong number.Advise the caller to try topping up a number to get the actual number the phone was configured with. And advise for re-configuration.


About One1Card

One1Card is the multipurpose recharge card that tops up different services. This is the only card of its kind in Nigeria today.

Below are the steps to use One1Card:

  1. Scratch the PIN surface gently.
  2. Dial:
    • For Mobile:              *979*SPID*PIN#
    • For Non Mobile:      *979*SPID*PIN*Account No#
  3. SPID means Service Provider Identification (SPID)
Mobile Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo, MTN
Non-MobileStarTimes, EKEDC, LCC, SMILE, Internet, Bank, Micro collection.

All One1Cards function the same way. But we offer customized One1Cards by special order.

One1Card is available in many convenient denominations: N20, N50, N100, N200, N500, N750, N1500, N1000, N3000, N5000, and 10,000 .

One1Card is available at vendors shops, restaurants, and hotels around Nigeria. To find a OneCard agent near you, click here.

You are free to partner with OneCard Nigeria for the distribution of One1Card in your chosen location. Call 0803 901 2001 and our representative will contact you with more details.

One1Card is only available for use on Nigerian service providers.

You can make money by purchasing One1Card at a discounted rate and selling at the standard rates.

A message is displayed on the phone device giving the status of the transaction. You also receive confirmation text from some service providers confirming the status of the recharge request. You can also use the regular service provider codes to check your account balance.

Call our Care Center on 0803 901 2001 or e-mail care@onecardnigeria.com providing the card serial number, batch number and any part of the PIN that is visible to you. You will get a reply with the full PIN if all the information you provided is correct.

You will not be barred for making multiple attempts but you are advised to always try to input the correct PIN every the time.

Yes you will enjoy all offers from your service provider and additional ones being offered by OneCard.

Yes, you can load up to the value of your subscription using any denomination. You are, however, advised to load full value using Direct TopUp or large denominations of One1Card.

The SPIDs of banks listed are the same USSD codes of banks for example, GTBank is 737 also First Bank is 894.

You will receive a message that informs you the alert that a certain amount has been deposited in your bank account by you.