Brief Overview of Tradermoni Concept

Tradermoni is one of the social intervention initiatives of the federal government to alleviate poverty in Nigeria. Currently a total of N20Billion has been disbursed as loan to traders in different markets through Bank of Industry (BOI). The traders have a maximum of 6month to payback.

Tradermoni is a Loan
To register as a beneficiary is free
The loan is N10,000 and when you pay back you will be migrated to  N15,000 and it goes on and on up till N100,000
Traders are permitted to pay installmentally i.e. weekly. The minimum you can pay is N430 every week for 6month or N860 every week for 3 month.

How To Use
1)    Direct Beneficiary :Dial *979* 21* PIN# (Make sure the beneficiary use his/ her registered number with tradermoni to dial this code)
2)    Third Party Beneficiary : Dial *979* 21* PIN* Beneficiary registered phone number with tradermoni# (This is when you are paying on behalf of a beneficiary)


  • N2,000
  • N430
  • N250