B.O.I TraderMoni

Brief Overview of TraderMoni Concept
TraderMoni is one of the social intervention initiatives of the federal government to alleviate poverty in Nigeria. Currently a total of N20Billion has been disbursed as loan to traders in different markets through Bank of Industry (BOI). The traders have a maximum of 6 months to payback. TraderMoni is a Loan.

Registering as a Beneficiary is free.
The loan is N10,000 and when you pay back you will be migrated to N15,000 and it goes on and on up till N 100,000.
Traders are permitted to pay installment i.e. weekly. The minimum you can pay is N430 every week for 6 months or N860 every week for 3 months.
How To Use
1)    Direct Beneficiary :Dial *979*21* PIN# (Make sure the beneficiary use his/ her registered number with TraderMoni to dial this code)
2)    Third Party Beneficiary : Dial *979*21* PIN* Beneficiary registered phone number with TraderMoni# (This is when you are paying on behalf of a beneficiary)
Repay with any denomination
·         N2,000
·         N430
·         N250